Failing doesn't have to be a bad thing

In this episode, Mattias and Svea are talking about "failing" and why it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Before iGoMoon

Firstly Mattias gives a general overview of his entrepreneurial journey before he founded his current company iGoMoon. At one point Mattias worked as a consultant where he helped businesses to develop their sales processes. That was the time where he really realized how important learning English and educating himself in marketing would be. Right before he started iGoMoon he was running a business that provided services for holiday homes. He learned a lot during that time - especially that it is very hard to do marketing towards the consumer market and to develop a service from scratch.

Losing vs. failing

When Svea asks how his first business failed, Mattias replies that he doesn't see whatever lead up to ending his businesses as a failure. He doesn't like losing, however he has nothing against failing since he sees it as a part of his personal entrepreneurial journey and process. He explains that you cannot compare giving up a company and founding another company to changing jobs. As an entrepreneur, all of it is part of your journey and is connected to one another.

Entrepreneurship is emotional

When he gave up the company prior to iGoMoon he shares that there weren't any sad emotions involved because he was already looking forward to his new project. iGoMoon was already in the planning when he was still involved with his other company. However, Mattias does talk about some lonely days at the office when he would actually simply sit and cry. A part of being an entrepreneur, that he describes as a very lonely sport at times, is also being overwhelmed by your emotions. It can be very tough at times and those situations are so important in order to break through to the next level of your journey. He refers to the famous saying: "no pain - no gain". He believes there can't be any real growth without some pain.

There can't be any real growth without some kind of pain.

What is your perception of failing?

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