Generating a new monthly revenue record

It's the first Friday of the new month, which means it's time for the CEO report of November.
In those CEO reports that Mattias is presenting to the board, he talks about all things positive and negative that happened throughout the last month and explains where he sees future opportunities.

All the positive things that happened in November

- iGoMoon signed their first HR person ever. Matilda will join the crew in January and help Mattias with recruiting and other work around human resources.

- In October/November five new people joined the team and all of them have done an amazing job so far.

- iGoMoon moved to a much bigger office and managed to get up and running quickly.

- The company landed on a new revenue record. The team generated the highest revenue ever in November which was about 1.8 million SEK. This is especially impressive since iGoMoon moved offices at that time and had to onboard quite a few new people who were just starting their positions.

Things to improve

- Mattias explains that when looking at where iGoMoon is right now on its journey, he can clearly see all the work that is done around the transformation from the classical agency to a modern HubSpot agency. The difference between the two agency models can especially be seen when looking at the behavior and attitude it takes to become a successful colleague at iGoMoon and on the other side everything that falls under the company's responsibility. By this, he means the work he and the leaders are doing around the processes, services, packages, and alike. These things are basically the tools that help the team succeed in their day-to-day work. He explains that in this regard iGoMoon has a lot of work to do. One example he mentions is "The Triangle of Growth" which represents the partnership level (retainers) that iGoMoon has with its customers. He wants to improve the TOG and the connected relationships to the customers to help them grow better and succeed in their niche.
Mattias adds that he's a perfectionist and wants things to improve and become better over time. "The devil is in the details", he says.

Making the office even more productive

- Something else Mattias wants to improve in the upcoming weeks and months is making the office an even better place to be productive. One of the things he is considering to make that happen is investing in office/phone booths and meeting boxes. Those booths create a small soundproof space that enables the team to have calls and online meetings at a place where they can focus better and don't get interrupted by people and sounds at the office.

- Another thing Mattias adds to the list for improvements is the go-to markets process. iGoMoon just recently created that process consisting of the discovery workshop, the sales-ready website, the CRM implementation, and the triangle of growth.

- Some last things to work on in the near future are also the planning of the next kickoff conference in February and continuing research about how to successfully branch out iGoMoon to South Africa, which has been a dream of Mattias for a long time.

Helping your customers grow with the services you offer needs constant improvement.

When did you hit your newest revenue record?

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