Generating more sales with higher IT security

In today's episode, Mattias explains what the "iGoMoon Academy" is, and he talks about why proper IT security can help you generate more sales.


This week felt like an emotional rollercoaster for Mattias, and it was packed with many exciting things. One of these things was a board meeting earlier this week to make sure everyone gets a chance to sync with each other. There are many developments in all areas of the company right now, and that meeting helped get everyone on track.

Together with Frank, Mattias also worked on the new "iGoMoon Academy". The idea behind this is to train everyone about iGoMoon's values. Frank is in charge of the project and currently records various sessions that can be used on-demand during onboarding sessions.


What could I have done differently?

This week, Mattias started to work with Apple's device management system "Kandji". Using this earlier would have saved him a lot of time and energy.

The software will help iGoMoon keep track of all the different Apple devices used within the company. Until now, they were manually updating spreadsheets to keep track of who used which computer during what time. Also, iGoMoon recently started working with a partner who will help with support around iGoMoon's devices.

Another benefit of developing in the device management department is increasing iGoMoon's IT security. A good IT security can actually help you generate more sales since more and more companies start asking about that aspect. Especially when you're in a procurement process, trying to beat your competition, showing that you have a procedure for IT security will higher your chances of getting the deal.


This week's kudos go to Dennis for closing an outstanding deal.

Make sure you have a good process for your IT security. This may increase your chances to close future deals.

Have you updated your IT security?

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