Growing a company with teachable processes

iGoMoon's next big goal is to grow the company from its current 15 employees to 30-40 people and hit a revenue of 1.5 million Euro.

A company with teachable processes

Over the last two to three years it has been very clear that the bottleneck of iGoMoon is its two founders and partners Mattias and Eric. Not too long ago they welcomed a new member of the board to the company and started working a lot on new strategies and creating processes to make iGoMoon a teachable sustainable company.

In order to achieve that, there is a lot of planning that needs to be done beforehand.
Because of that Mattias and iGoMoon's CFO Anton recently worked on a draft of an org chart together that is showing how the company could possibly look like in the fiscal year of 2023. Mattias also explains that in addition to being able to plan the future better, it also helps him to visualize the plans he has for the team and not just having all his thoughts locked up in his entrepreneurial head.

Structuring the growth plan

The org chart they are currently working on gives a better understanding of where talent gaps are, how to carry out their budget analysis, and generate essential growth reports for the future. It also helps setting up a clear timeline for when to recruit new talents. For now, the org chart consists of the CEO, CFO, and HR at the top layer, with three additional positions reporting directly to Mattias, the CEO. Those roles are CTO, COO and sales manager. Two departments are reporting directly to the CTO, which are the dev lead and the person responsible for the support including his or her two support team members.

Also, the sales team with its four representatives will report directly to the sales manager.
In addition, there are of course the different teams (four in the current org chart) that consist of strategists, HubSpot developers, SEO/content managers, CRM specialists, UX/UI designers, and IMCs.

Mattias' priority right now, realizing this org chart, is to hire a person who will be responsible for the HR work.

Plan ahead and make sure you have a good understanding of everything you need in order to grow your company.

What's your company's next big goal?

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