Growing the agency with an HR person

As every Friday, Mattias shares what has been going on at iGoMoon this week and talks about his weekly self-inventory.

Summary of the week

For Mattias, it has been a really fun week, not least because of the Christmas party together with the team on Tuesday. It has also been the second full week at the new office and lots of things are getting fine-tuned and making the office feel better by the day. Mattias also happily shares that he can really tell that the team loves the new office.

He has also worked a lot in some recruitment processes and managed to sign off one of the most important positions for iGoMoon's future growth: an HR person. Mattias shares that whenever he talked to other entrepreneurs who were at a similar point on their scaling-up journey as he is now (about 15-20 employees), they would call it a breakthrough moment when they actually invested in the Human Resources position.

He has been looking for someone to fill this position for several months and is very excited for Matilda to start in January. She will play an important role in growing the team by 12 more people, which was one of the goals Mattias set for 2022. Matilda's main focus will be on talent acquisition and on building and strengthening the relationships with a variety of schools where iGoMoon is hoping to find great interns in the future. He explains that an HR role is actually very similar to a sales role. Nowadays you have to be present out there and you need to build relationships and network with people. A smaller percentage of her work will be creating policies and guidelines, taking care of the playbooks and helping the team leaders.


The first part of the self-inventory is about things that Mattias could have done better. In this regard, he shares how he has opened up the wrong week of his calendar and therefore missed a meeting with a UI/UX candidate. Luckily his business partner Erik was also invited to the event and could take over that meeting by himself. Mattias later called the candidate, explained what went wrong, and apologized for his mistake.

Something that Mattias learned this week was connected to the recruitment process.
iGoMoon has several required and mandatory reading lists for the people who are starting at the HubSpot agency. Mattias just recently realized that it would be a good idea to let the applicants read one book already in the recruitment process since it perfectly shows what iGoMoon is trying to create and can start interesting conversations. The book he is referring to is called "Built to Sell" by John Warrillow.

Kudos & Victories

The victories of the week were definitely signing off the new HR person and having fun at iGoMoon's Christmas party.

Investing in an internal HR position is a big step for entrepreneurs.

Have you established mandatory readings for employees and potential candidates? Let us know if you want to hear more why Mattias believes this is important.

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