Happiness is the Currency of Success

We are starting this week with some interesting questions about entrepreneurship and success. Mattias talks about his favorite aspects of being an entrepreneur, how he defines success, and what his most satisfying moment in business was so far.

Favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur

Mattias explains how he loves waking up every morning and being able to work on his dream. For him, the most rewarding part of entrepreneurship is the journey of building something and overcoming his own fears and limitations. Goals and milestones are a part of it but certainly not the most important things to him. Another aspect he really enjoys is seeing the people surrounding him grow and accomplish things they thought were impossible.

Dreamt of being an entrepreneur

Mattias touches on the topic of the difference between fantasizing about being an entrepreneur and actually being one. He shares how he has spent many years dreaming about being an entrepreneur and even had business cards that said "entrepreneur“ on them. In retrospect, he can really see how he had very low self-esteem and that a lot of fear was holding him back. He describes his decision to actually go all-in after all, as the best decision in his life.

How do you define success

Mattias starts answering this question by explaining that he has reached several goals and milestones and of course has a lot more ahead of him. However, he compares reaching these to driving in a car and passing a traffic sign. You see it, you pass it and you continue on your journey looking straight ahead on the road. Mattias sees every day on this journey as a reward and a milestone in itself. He adds that he believes that it is important for an entrepreneur to create his/her own game. There is a huge misconception around success in Mattias' opinion, with start-ups receiving a lot of funding being more celebrated than the ones that made it themselves - without external help.

Most satisfying moments in business?

Being asked that question, Mattias immediately thinks about the very first invoice he ever sent to a customer. He describes this moment as an amazing feeling. He adds that after all the best moments are usually the small things like that and not necessarily the big things.

Happiness is the currency of success.

What is your take of success?

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