Having the courage to adjust

In this week's wrap-up, Mattias thematizes dealing with an employee stepping down from a leading position and working on the triangle of growth.

This week Mattias had a board meeting that was entirely dedicated to improving the packaging of iGoMoon's service levels: "The Triangle of Growth".
"The Triangle of Growth" is shaped like a pyramid with the bottom level being "support", followed by "maintain" and finally "grow" on the top. In the past iGoMoon has sold these different service levels to clients individually, but realized that it makes more sense to combine all of them into one package.

Making courageous decisions

Another important event was Göran deciding to step down from his position as a team leader. He will now be back in his previous role as a HubSpot developer at iGoMoon. The reason for his decision is due to the fact that he wants to prioritize his family, more specifically his children, at this point in time. Being a team leader and a father both require a lot of time, focus, and energy, and of course, it is impossible to be at two different places at the same time. Mattias completely understands and supports his decision and is planning to give Göran back his role as a team leader once the children are older and he is able to take on more responsibility again. For the time being iGoMoon is looking for a new team leader with a background in marketing multiple years of experience in a leading position (link to the job ad down below).

Adjusting solutions

Mattias ends the episode by sharing what he learned this week. He talks about how his team and a customer had a discovery workshop some time ago. iGoMoon sent a quote to this customer based on the customer's internal bottlenecks. Some weeks later after the initial workshop with the customer, it became clear that they have been working to find out what their challenges were and ended up focusing on their own customer's viewpoint. This changed the context of the initial situation since the original plan from iGoMoon's side was to help that customer with their internal bottlenecks in sales and marketing. That's why the solutions they came up with slightly missed the mark.

This week's kudos go to Saskia and Henrik.

It is brave to step down from a position when you need to prioritize something else in your life.

Do you have the courage to step down and adjust?

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