Holding yourself responsible for your health

A little bird told Svea that Mattias was about to have a session with a personal trainer. Having talked about physical health before, she wanted to know more about Mattias's motifs for training with guidance.

Solving the problem

Mattias explains that the reason for his PT sessions was actually some problems he had with his shoulder back then. He looked for help and found a personal trainer who helped him with some mobility and strength training to reduce the pain. After he was pain-free they continued with weekly sessions focusing on other body parts. In addition to those sessions he is also attending some gym classes to spice up his schedule a little bit.

Investing in yourself

He also talks about the benefits that come with training together with a personal trainer. He compares that to arriving at a restaurant and having a nice dinner that someone cooked for you. In this scenario you don't have to organize anything, buy the food or cook the food yourself. For him it is such a stress relief to get his workout sessions in without figuring everything out yourself and plan meticulously. Another positive side effect is that your PT will hold you accountable consciously, but also subconsciously. Once you know there is someone waiting for you at the gym, you won't just let them hang. He sees the investment in a PT as an investment in himself that gets even more important the older he gets.

Hold yourself accountable and don't skip your workouts. A PT can be a good idea to do so.

How do you invest in yourself?

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