How to define your culture code

After briefly introducing the principle of core values in the last episode, Mattias elaborates on this topic in today's episode of "MattGron's Scaling Up Journey". He explains what core values are for, how he found the right ones for his company, and how he is implementing those - providing a "self-inventory-compass" for everyone involved at iGoMoon.

One of 10 factors to succeed

Your core values help the team when making decisions or facing an ethical dilemma. In addition, they also assure that everyone has the right attitude and behavior when working towards the company purpose statement. In order for the values to work best, they really have to be alive and kicking in the organization. This is also one of 10 success factors that have to be in place to be able to scale up a company.

How to define core values

Mattias explains the process of iGoMoon finding the right values being a process consisting of multiple stages. At first, they tried gathering the words they actually used the most in their everyday work life that best described their values. As the company grew and more people joined, he realized how important it is, to really define what these values mean to make it clear for everybody. That's when they decided to have a full-day workshop with everyone involved, to give the whole team the chance to be part of discussing and clarifying the core values. The outcome became iGoMoon's Culture Code.

iGoMoon's Culture CodeiGoMoons-culture-code

A winning strategy

Mattias calls iGoMoon's culture code the DNA of the company. It defines who he and his team are, how they work together and it also is an essential part of their winning strategy. Especially in our current remote-work-world, Mattias emphasizes how important that culture code is. Part of iGoMoon's culture code is the values: be brave, stay crisp and have fun. Being brave is all about being daring to fail, being a goal-getter, and inspire others to grow better. Staying crisp is about awareness, taking responsibility for the brand promise and culture, and doing good. If these two values are lived, it enables the third value - having fun together.

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