How to structure your sales process as a HubSpot partner

Today Mattias shares some insights on the current improvement of the sales process and how he thinks you should structure your sales process as a HubSpot solution partner. The sales process at iGoMoon is divided into six steps:

1. Identifying

In this phase, Mattias and his team utilize different tools, such as Linkedin Navigator and another prospecting tool that helps them figure out what technology companies are using on their websites. Thus the team knows if a prospect is using HubSpot tech on their website, and they can introduce themselves as HubSpot experts. On the other hand, the Linkedin Navigator is an excellent tool because it shows if there are any changes on the marketing or sales side of a company. These changes are usually a good indicator for companies to invest in marketing, sales technology, and services. A new CMO means there will be room for some change. Another great timing for iGoMoon is if the company gets more funding to grow.

2. The connect call

After finding out who and why to contact a potential client, the next step is to initiate the "connect call" with the prospect. A "connect call" is between a 5-15 min call where the goal is to understand if there is a fit and then book the Qualify & Explore meeting. In this stage, Mattias is a big fan of using Vidyard because it helps make a personal outreach early in the sales process. To create a better connection between the prospect and the team at iGoMoon. Mattias finds this stage overlooked from HubSpot's perspective when they teach their partners how to sell. When you are hacking the inbound marketing process with a first cold reach out, you need to work a bit differently compared to how they teach you. Then this stage could become a 2min call and then the Q&E meeting becomes more of a mix of steps 2 & 3.

3. The qualify & explore meeting

When the potential prospect agreed to book a meeting, the qualify and explore step begins. The Q&E meeting is a 30-40min call. There are even some things that could be quoted right away in this first meeting. These things are e.g.: onboarding, migrations to HubSpot CMS, new sales-ready website. If the project is outside of the standard scope, there will be a need for a discovery workshop.

4. Discover and advice meeting

This step in the sales process is dedicated to finding out the exact needs of each individual customer. This could be done by an extended sales meeting of 60-90 minutes or an actual workshop that typically lasts between 4-8 hours.

5. The quote

When setting up a quote for a customer, Mattias explains that they never simply send a quote to them. The actual revealing of the quote only takes place in a dedicated quote presentation, where the team at iGoMoon walks the customer through every section of the quote. They do it this way because it is almost impossible to get a customer back for a further discussion once they misunderstood something.

6. Customer success

After winning the deal, the customer moves over into the final stage of the sale process, where the project is getting implemented and iGoMoon offers their ToG retainer services.

What is your thoughts on the discussion and the sales process here? Please let us know

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