Implementing a CEO report affects growth

In this episode Svea asks Mattias about the CEO report, what it is and how often Mattias does it. The CEO report is a new process implemented in the beginning of 2021.

Implementing the CEO report process

This process was implemented when Ulf joined the board and means that Mattias writes a report every month. In the report he summarizes the events of the month and reflects on these events, what went well and what didn’t go so well and needs improvement. This is actually the first time that Mattias has to report to someone during the iGoMoon journey but sees it as super important and that it is helping him and Erik to find the right dynamic in the strategic discussions, and helps the company grow in the best way. It also helps him to communicate with the team because he gets a better perspective of the challenges and opportunities.

Key elements of the report

Mattias usually writes the events in bullet points including:

- How they are doing financially
- How different processes are going and suggestions for improvement for the next months
- About the team, if they are happy and motivated or stressed
- Potential recruitments or changes in personnel
- About the customer satisfaction
- The long-term future opportunities and strategies

He then sends the report to Ulf every first friday of the month.

The CEO report helps you gain perspective and improve communication.

Do you write a CEO report? Let us know if you want to hear more about Mattias' monthly report.

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