Implementing strategies & the office horse

Today's episode of Mattias' scaling-up journey is all about implementing strategies.
He emphasizes how important it is to not only have a strategy but also to communicate it in the right way so that everyone understands and knows how to execute it.

Office workhorses

Also a special guest - "the office horse"- will make an appearance and Mattias will explain what it means to acknowledge someone "the office workhorse" and how that makes everything more fun at iGoMoon.

Emotional meltdown

Mattias introduces this episode by explaining that he recently had an emotional meltdown, feeling that things were not developing in the direction he was hoping for. However, he got himself back on track and realized that he has simply lost focus on the bigger picture of everything.

Communicate the vision

He figured out that he would need to communicate the company vision much better and more frequently than before. Mattias believes that when failing to communicate these things, team members might be confused. Half the company may see the future and where is iGoMoon is headed, while the other half might still be in the past, looking at old KPIs. In conclusion, Mattias points out once again, how important communication is, and how important it is to have clear strategies.

Dont always say "yes"

He also talks about winning in one's niche to scale up a company. He remembers how iGoMoon said "yes" to everything initially, to be able to pay the bills until they had the luxury to say no. At some point, one has to reject things that are not moving towards one's goal and purpose.

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