Introducing the new Vlog

In this first episode of “MattGron’s Scaling Up Journey” Mattias and his co-host Svea introduce themselves and share their ideas about documenting Mattias’ journey of scaling up his company iGoMoon.

The Scaling Up book

Mattias shares his story about how he got introduced to the bestseller “Scaling Up” by Verne Harnish and that it immediately stood out to him because of the whole framework that is attached to the book. Like this, it is not only a great tool to learn about scaling up a company, but one can actually directly apply it in one’s own business when using it as a workbook. He educating himself with that book and later reached out to a consultant to help implement the scaling up framework at his company iGoMoon.

Decided to document the journey

After getting so hooked on that book, Mattias browsed the internet to find fellow entrepreneurs talking about their “Scaling Up Journeys” – and found nothing. That’s when he decided to share his own story in the format of weekly vlogs on YouTube.

“MattGron’s Scaling Up Journey” is not Mattias’ first vlog. He has published his other vlog “Månresan” for four years and shared transparent behind-the-scenes content from the everyday office life at iGoMoon. The format turned into branding content, making it a very popular research tool for new potential colleagues, as well as for clients wanting to work with iGoMoon.
Mattias now made room for the rest of his team to be the main characters of that format and decided to create this new vlog series where he can focus more on his personal journey of being an entrepreneur and shares his victories and struggles of running and growing a business.

The goal

His goal of the vlog is to document what he is doing and learning in his scaling-up process and to connect with other entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their businesses themselves and wants to remind everyone to turn their dreams into a strategic plan.

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