Living your own purpose

Another Monday, another round of interesting questions. This episode is dedicated to luck, courage, challenges, and accomplishments.

1. Do you believe in luck or miracles?

Mattias explains that it seems the harder you work the luckier you are. You need to create some movement in order to see results. These movements could be in your mental, physical or emotional life. He compares this necessary movement to a pool filled with water. If you don't take care of it and if there is no movement in it, it will turn green and no one would like to swim in it. A river or a stream on the other side will always stay fresh and clear due to the moving water.

Mattias also talks about how he had a very different view on life some years ago. He didn't leave much room for any magic to happen and saw himself exposed to other people's will, feelings, thoughts, decisions, and actions. It took him some time to realize that the actual problem was his own feelings, thoughts, decisions, and actions. Now he knows, when he takes care of himself, keeps his promises, and reflects on his values - good things will happen.

2. What is something you always wanted to try but never had the courage to do?

When Mattias was about 7 years old he was part of a play in his school where he was singing with the other kids. When he came home he asked his mother why it sounds like he is talking when he sings. He never sang again after that day - except for "Happy Birthday". Something Mattias wishes he had more courage to do would be giving singing another try.

3. What are some challenges the next generation will face?

Mattias' prediction is connected to global warming and all the side effects it is bringing with it. We already experience climate change today, so the challenges will unfortunately only become bigger as time proceeds. Svea thought about this question from another angle and sees problems in the digitization of the world. As amazing as it is, Svea talks about how, growing up, we would remember all our friend's phone numbers and navigate through our hometown with our sense of navigation and memory.

Nowadays we are helpless without our smartphones and don't even know our partner's telephone number. She believes there's a danger of people becoming too dependent on electronics.
Mattias mentions another effect of this digital world is the decreasing ability to be empathic. In order to be empathic, you need to be exposed to real-life human interaction - which becomes less and less. This does not only affect the personal life but also the professional life of the future.

4. Is there anything special you want to accomplish before you die?

For Mattias, something he wants to accomplish in his lifetime would be scaling up his company iGoMoon and manifest its purpose. Svea "admits" that she doesn't really have a definite life goal and her goal is rather living a happy and fulfilled life by being open to anything new that comes her way.
Mattias adds that there is a big difference when you compare what you are doing to why you are doing it.

It is so easy to end up comparing yourself with others, especially in times of social media. Many people try to find their purpose somewhere out there, instead of listening to themselves and finding their purpose within them. As soon as you find out what your purpose and your drive are, everything changes, because you get satisfied every day by doing what you enjoy doing. Even when it's tough or boring, you accept that situation much easier because you do it with purpose.

If you live your own purpose and what you believe in, you will do all the right things.

Have you found your purpose?

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