Maximizing meeting efficiency

In this episode, Mattias talks about the meeting culture at iGoMoon, why a meeting without an agenda is no meeting, and how he structures his internal and external meetings.

Mattias starts off by saying that meetings (both internal and external) actually make up about 80% of his everyday business life. On the external side, these meetings are usually related to sales or interviews with potential new talents. Internally most meetings are follow-up meetings Mattias has to take care of.

He explains that he likes to make sure several things before, during, and after a meeting:

1. Before the meeting

He makes sure that the upcoming meeting has a clear purpose and that he has a goal with the meeting. It is easy to end up in pointless meetings and when ensuring the purpose beforehand you can save a lot of your valuable time.

2. During the meeting

Throughout the whole meeting, Mattias has his listening mode on and pays close attention to his counterpart.

3. After the meeting

When a meeting ends he ensures that there is a clear next step, in the form of a commitment or buy-in. This helps to create clear communication and make sure that both sides know what is expected.

Conducting an efficient meeting

Mattias also talks about the different kinds of meetings he has regularly. E.g. he has weekly and monthly meetings with his team leaders.Also, every Monday starts with the 3M meeting ("Monday Morning Meeting") in which the whole iGoMoon team is involved. The meetings traditionally start off with the "energy nuggets", where everyone has the chance to speak up. This also helps to prevent people from hiding in these bigger team meetings. In addition, every colleague is sharing their weekly self-inventory and talks about things they could have done better, things they have learned, things they celebrated, and of course, which colleagues they give "kudos" to.

Another part of the 3M meeting is the overview of the financial side of things, where Anton, the CFO shares the latest numbers. Also, everyone gets updated on freshly closed sales and recent customer happiness. An interesting detail about these meetings is that every week another team member takes over and leads the meeting. Like this everyone gets the chance to be heard even better and talk about the things closest to their heart.

Make sure to delegate some things, so that you don't become the bottleneck and have to take all actions yourself. Also, make sure to include everyone in what is going on in the organization so everyone can grow together.

Are you still having inefficient meetings?

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