New year means new habits

Welcome to the first "MattGron Talks"-episode of 2022!
After dedicating the final episodes of last year to reflections on 2021, Mattias and Svea are now starting the new year by looking into the future and talking about possible goals and implementing new habits.

Christmas break

But first, Svea is curious about how Mattias spent his Christmas break since he claimed he wouldn't have any specific plans last time they talked. Remembering their last conversation, he explains that he didn't want to plan his days off since planning is something he has to do a lot in his business life already.

He wanted to take things slow and take every day as it came. So he ended up going on daily walks, listening to podcasts, reading, and of course, gaming Warzone. On that note, he mentions that he's planning on starting an iGoMoon squad and streaming their gaming adventures to Twitch. Inbound marketing consultant Alexander has already joined Mattias.

Reflections during the break

Some things Mattias reflected on during his break, ironically included the topic of planning, and he realized that he wants to improve in that area. Especially now, when iGoMoon is growing quite rapidly, it is more important than ever for him to stay structured.

Another aspect that became clear to him when pausing his daily work was the importance of starting his days right. For him, that means creating space for himself every morning before diving into work. Some things he began to implement in his morning routine are:

- a breathing exercise
- talking a walk
- reading for 20 mins
- learn three new English words

He calls the above his "personal plan" and explains that these steps help him to even the way for success.

Starting your days with healthy habits will help you succeed.

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