Qualify & commit customers before sending quotes

Mattias realized that iGoMoon has been losing some quotes due to a "trigger-happiness" lately. This means that sales quotes get sent to customers too quickly in the sales process, before Account Managers have qualified needs, and committed the customer for a quote presentation.

Quoting framework

He blames himself for not been foreseen and communicating this to the Account Managers. Right now the sales team has been working on a new qualifying framework to solve this. By asking the customer questions about the goals, timing, and budget. Mattias thinks you should cover the following criteria to be able to send a quote.

  • Understand the Goal(s):
    • "What goals do you want to achieve? current status Vs. dream status? Any challenges?"
  • Budget:
    • "Dear customer can you help me understand, the challenges and goals you described, if we would be able to help you with these, would there be a budget available for this?”
    • [Also, understand - "What is stakeholders' knowledge/experience to understand the scope? Do we need to educate them about it?"]
  • Schedule:
    • When in time would you like to implement [solution]?
  • Needs:
    • Have they "expressed concrete needs?"
  • Commitment:
    • Book a next step [quotation presentation]. "Don't send the quote before the meeting". We have learned it's very hard to get the customer back into the discussion when a quote is misunderstood.

Don't be too trigger happy when a customer is asking for a quote and don't forget to qualify and commit the customer first.

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