Setting up the new office

Not too long ago, Mattias talked about how it is most likely time to move to a bigger office soon. He also talked about how tricky the process of finding a suitable office is. The more surprising thing was when he shared the big news with us last week: iGoMoon is moving to an office twice the size - already next month! Today he is talking more about what things he is most excited about and what plans he has for the new office space.

Doubling the space

Mattias has the key to the new office now, however, there are still some renovations and cleaning going on that need to be completed before iGoMoon can move in. That of course doesn't stop him from being very excited about doubling the space from 150 sqm to 320 sqm and planning to grow the company to 25-30 people there. Some other things he is looking forward to are e.g. more and bigger meeting rooms, dedicated rooms for the sales team and the production team and his very own office space.

Especially the ladder will be a game-changer for him since most of the meetings or calls he has are very private and shouldn't be overheard by people who are not directly involved. Right now that means that he usually ends up on the balcony of the old office because he shares a room with some of his employees. Another aspect is that people may not be as comfortable approaching Mattias because they might be afraid that someone would listen to their conversation or speculate about the topic of a meeting. All these things will be solved when Mattias gets his own room in the new office.
Mattias also talks about the new kitchen being a highlight for him since it is very spacious and offers enough room for everyone to enjoy their meals and no one needs to eat their lunch in the hall anymore.

Increasing meeting space

Something Mattias is thinking of getting for the new office are soundproof meeting booths where people can take their phone or laptop into and have a quiet and private space to hold their meetings with e.g. customers. They are very expensive though and might not be a top priority for now.
In general, he shares about how the three biggest investments for him are those made to accommodate the growing team in bigger offices, paying the employee's salaries, and the fees for the software and the digital infrastructure. He could have saved some money by choosing an office space outside of Stockholm, however, he decided against it because iGoMoon's central location is an important part of the company's identity and often a reason why job candidates choose to join iGoMoon over other companies.

When you take a leap of faith and move forward you'll create a vacuum that the universe can fill up with positive things for you.

Is your growth on track? Let us know if you want to hear more details about Mattias growing the team.

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