Specializing instead of generalizing

In this episode Mattias and Svea are talking about strengths, great ideas, determining the right candidates and starting other businesses.

1. What is iGoMoon's biggest strength right now?

Mattias explains that the biggest strength in 2021 for iGoMoon is that everyone is pulling in the same direction as a united team. This has not always been like that. A couple of years ago iGoMoon decided to make the shift from being a traditional website agency towards becoming a HubSpot agency that helps SaaS companies to grow.

This transition phase caused everyone working at iGoMoon to decide whether they wanted to make that shift together with iGoMoon or leave the company and continue another path. Nowadays only the people who wanted to join the transformation are onboard and everyone working at iGoMoon is on the same page. One way Mattias makes sure to keep everyone aligned is by communicating the company's vision a lot more than he used to.

2. Where do the great ideas in your organization come from?

Typically it is not a specific person who comes with a perfect idea. Mattias reveals that good ideas are everywhere and by providing a safe environment in the organization, where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, you can create a conversation between multiple people that will ultimately lead to amazing, refined ideas.

3. If you're facing two equally qualified candidates - with which one do you go further?

For Mattias, the most important thing to look at in a situation like this is to find out who really wants the job. He adds that for him the attitude matters more than the skill set in this scenario.

4. If you could start another business, what would it be?

Right now, Mattias is very focused on his company iGoMoon, where he really wants to realize the vision and ultimately scale it up as much as possible. When looking back at the first companies he started, he cannot see any pattern or red line when it comes to the type of business. He explains that he is not tied into a specific industry or niche and could see himself working in a variety of organizations.

He is very sure though, that when the time comes he will definitely start other businesses in the future. One thing he will not do though is bootstrapping another company, as he did with iGoMoon. When founding iGoMoon he wanted to bootstrap because he wanted to own his company, build a legacy and fulfill his entrepreneurial dream. That's why he will very likely start new companies and get involved in other businesses, but does not see himself running the operative work on a daily basis as the CEO.

Better focus on one business at a time than dividing yourself between two projects and losing momentum.

Has your company specialized? 

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