Summarizing the kick-off conference

In this Friday episode, Mattias and Svea are talking about the recent kickoff conference that took place on Thursday and Friday.

Weekly self-inventory

Mattias starts off by talking about his weekly self-inventory in connection to the conference. Something he could have done better would have been to prepare some kind of streaming equipment. Even though the conference itself with the presentations was live-streamed, the iGoMoon members who were not able to attend in person could not really experience the activities outside the presentations. Something else on the technical side was that he should have double-checked the microphones before every live stream. Mattias also realized that he forgot to order the remote team some food while the rest of the team was enjoying an amazing dinner at the Herrgård.

Feedback from customers

Another reflection of the week is connected to the retainer delivery process. Whenever the delivery team has sprint meetings together with the customers, the account managers are not participating in those. For now, the account managers usually had a separate meeting with the customers afterward. However, after receiving some feedback from customers, who would like to have both the delivery team and the account managers in the sprint meetings, this will change in the future.

On the fun side of this week's self-inventory, Mattias talks about the amazing kickoff conference together with the team. He especially enjoyed being able to go on a trip together after such a long time and simply have some fun together. Also, Mattias gives out kudos to Anton, who did an amazing job presenting the current financial situation of iGoMoon.

After the self-inventory, Mattias gives an overview of what happened during the kickoff event.


On Thursday afternoon the team arrived at a beautiful conference place in Bålsta. They started off with a team-building activity: building a catapult. The crew was divided into three different teams where they had to build a catapult from scratch and afterwards needed to succeed in different shooting challenges. After the catapult activity, two representatives of "Project Playground" gave a presentation about the organization and talked about how they help children and young adults in both Sweden and South Africa. The presentation was followed by some free time that the team spent playing pool, darts and shuffleboard, before heading to the dinner. Later that night everyone was meeting down at the water to try out the sauna and the whirlpool.


During the am hours of the second day of the conference, Mattias talked about his story and the vision of iGoMoon. He also talked about how has realized that iGoMoon's vision is very much based on the founders' story. And while this was of course a good thing, in the beginning, he wants to involve the whole team in the company's vision. His plan is to acknowledge and incorporate everyone's unique story into what iGoMoon makes iGoMoon. A first step into making this possible was done by a workshop that Mattias' friend Marylee did after Mattias' presentation. She talked about storytelling and emotions and how we perceive them on different ends of the spectrum. The team was also asked to pick their individual life motto and a childhood hero. Mattias chose the quote from "The Gladiator": "What you do in life will echo in eternity" and for a hero, he went Lucky Luke.

Also, everyone should write down what they hoped for when they entered the conference and what they were afraid of. Mattias hoped for family and feared hiding. After Marylee's workshop, Anton gave an energy-loaded presentation about the current numbers of iGoMoon, followed by Åsa, the new CHO (culture heart officer) who talked about how iGoMoon cares and how they are planning to work with everyone's feedback in the future. Last but not least, Erik talked about the new service development process.

Adjust your services create a better customer experience.

Which activities do you include in conferences?

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