Take feedback from the customer seriously

When Mattias looks back at this week, one of his biggest highlights was that iGoMoon’s new account manager Dennis finished his two weeks onboarding and now joined the team on the front-line, doing connect calls and booking meetings. Also, a contract for a potential new UI/UX designer was sent out this week, which means a new colleague might join the journey soon.

Average sales process time

Mattias has also worked closely together with Henrik and Dennis on the sales side this week and had two sales meetings himself that went really well. With one of those customers, iGoMoon has been in a sales process for about 5 months. He explains that depending on the customer, these sales processes can vary anywhere between 2 weeks and half a year.

What he could have done better

Something that he could have done better this week was related to communication. One of the customers gave the feedback that they have not met the whole potential project team yet. However, the iGoMoon team even included a video introducing every individual project team member in the documents they sent to the customer. It turned out that part simply was not communicated well enough so that they missed this important information. Mattias then talks about that this incident made him realize that there is a need to rethink the approach for bigger deals like that one.

He and his business partner Erik are usually the front figures communicating with the bigger customers in the sales process. That is because it would be a financial and productive loss if they brought in the rest of the team for every client meeting.

Another factor is that Mattias simply doesn’t want to promise something he cannot hold, by introducing a potential project team member to the client 6 months before the actual project even starts. Until the actual start of the project, there might have been a change in human resources or some other factors, that will prevent that person from joining the project in the end. He is planning to bring Ulf Månsson, the chairman of the board to these bigger meetings, so Ulf can help the customer understand what they are choosing to be part of if they decide to pick iGoMoon as their partner. Always have a customer-centric approach and see it from the customer perspective.

What he learned this week

Being asked what he has learned this week, Mattias mentions that he, together with his sales team, learned a lot about how to improve the connect call. Mattias, Henrik, and Dennis are currently taking training in eight weeks of sales training with HubSpot with leads to very interesting discussions in the team.

Connect call – a trigger event

Mattias explains further what a connect call actually is: At iGoMoon a "connect call" is a trigger event when a prospect has downloaded a content offer from their website or filled out the contact form asking for help. Sometimes an existing customer also gives a tip to reach out to the specific company to work with them. The call itself is a ten-minute call to figure out the prospect’s pain and understand if their business operates within iGoMoon’s expertise areas and ultimately if both sides are a good fit.

You could learn more about iGoMoons entire sales process watching this episode: How to structure your sales process as a HubSpot partner

This Friday episode ends on a positive note, talking about the 25th birthday celebration of Henrik. The iGoMoon team sang for him in all kinds of language, including Swedish, Finnish, English.

Take your customer's feedback seriously.

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