Taking a break helps you gain perspective as an entrepreneur

After Mattias was busted for being at the office even though he is officially on vacation, he explains that even if he's off there are usually incidents that make it necessary for him to show up as the leader. This vacation time was obviously no exception and he came to the office a couple of days this week.

The importance of taking breaks

Mattias planned 4 weeks of vacation this summer and thinks back to the early years when he basically had no vacation at all. For him, it is very important to plan in breaks since they really help him to get some new perspectives on problems and challenges that are very hard to resolve during a normal working day when he's 100% in the operational mode.

Personal time

Other than getting new perspectives, he has also planned on working on his golf swing with a personal trainer and his gaming skills. He likes playing warzone and has just recently switched from the PlayStation version to the PC version which caused some funny gaming fails since it takes some time to get used to the new way of gaming and the shortcuts. One of the fails is even featured in this episode.

Taking breaks helps you gain perspective.

How do you spend personal time?

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