The CEO report for October 2021

Today, Mattias is taking us on a spontaneous tour of the new office and reveals how far they've come with the move and he is also sharing the CEO report for October.


1. Good things that happened in October

- Mattias recruited three new people who will join iGoMoon in November. Two of them will work as inbound marketing consultants and one of them as a team leader and strategist.

- A lot of progress around the go-to-market process has been made.

- iGoMoon found a new office to move into which is more than double the size of the old one. The new office will offer enough space to accommodate 25-30 people.

- The account managers Henrik and Dennis have been doing amazing work over the last few months. The chemistry between them definitely had an impact on their great results. Mattias is particularly happy about that because the two of them have been taking over a lot of work from Mattias that he was carrying all by himself before.

- October has financially been the second best month of 2021.

2. Things to improve

- Mattias is planning on creating a workshop to teach his team better business sense. He has witnessed many times that creativity and business sense usually don't go too well together and that many people could use a little help to refine the ladder. He emphasizes the importance of it, especially in situations where you need to ask a customer for more budget. For some reason, most people have problems asking for money and end up working for free.

That is something you simply cannot afford while running a business. There is no time to give away for free, because there are lots of things to pay and savings to be created. One reason why iGoMoon did not need any support from the Swedish country during the pandemic is because Mattias always saved for the bad times. He adds however that, that business sense is nothing you can just read and learn, it is definitely something you need to train and grow over time.

Business sense is essential to develop.

How do you ensure your employees don't work "for free"?

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