The importance of reporting how you spend your time

In today's Friday episode, Mattias talks about how his week went and shares his weekly self-inventory with us.

Summary of the week

Some time ago, Mattias started to keep track of where he is spending his time. He wanted to get a better understanding of how he uses his time and which of his roles occupy most of his time. In general, he can divide his work roughly into five different categories:

- marketing manager
- sales manager
- office manager
- customer deliveries/consultant

Looking at his numbers, he spends most of his time doing CEO tasks which take up about half of his time. About 25% of his time is used for HR work and the other 25% are for taking care of sales. A small percentage goes into his other tasks. Due to the HR work taking up so much of Mattias's time, he is looking to hire a new person to take care of that entirely. That would also enable Mattias to invest more time in working together with iGoMoon's inbound marketing consultant, Tayla. He is planning to set up new strategies with her and bump up iGoMoon's marketing to the next level.

This week Mattias also had a couple of job interviews and even signed a new crew member, who will start together with another HubSpot developer in October. Developer team lead Frank will be taking over a big part of the new people's general onboarding so that Mattias can focus on teaching the vision, culture, offers, and sales process. He is also currently working on writing new guidelines for people who want to work from home. When Covid came everything was rather spontaneous and all companies had to adapt very fast. However, now returning to a "new normal" there need to be certain rules in place for the future.


Moving over to Mattias self-inventory of the week and looking at the question "what could I have done better?", he shares about how he has missed some meetings this week. It is an exciting but stressful time at iGoMoon at the moment, which caused Mattias to lose the overview of his calendar and let two people, including Svea, hanging. Another thing he could have done better is relating to communication. Sometimes when he wants to implement new things he is usually thinking about these things for multiple weeks prior. This means that in his head everything is clear, however, he sometimes forgets that his team might get that new information for the first time and won't immediately remember or apply it after only hearing it once.

Also, the inbound marketing event by HubSpot is coming up next week and Mattias gets his team prepared for that as well. Like the last two years the huge event that usually is being held in Boston, will be a digital version again. This year he has learned that it is actually an easy but rewarding process to invite customers to that online event and gift them some tickets. Something else that is important to Mattias regarding the HubSpot event is to make sure that everyone at iGoMoon understands how important it is in order to come closer to becoming HubSpot's #1 EMEA market partner.

On the bright side of his self-inventory, Mattias talks about how both Dennis and Henrik closed new deals this week - Henrik even beat his personal record when it comes to the budget of the deal.

Keep track of where you spend your time.

How do you report time?

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