The journey to entrepreneurial success

In this Monday episode, Mattias and Svea are talking about their very first jobs, what activity calms them down, where they would love to travel to, and reveal what their most-used apps on their phones are.

1. What is the destination you'd like to travel to next?

Mattias has been thinking about taking a road trip through the European Alps for some time now. Svea on the other hand has been dreaming about going to Iceland for a couple of years and hopes to be able to travel there in the near future.

2. What activity calms you down instantly?

For Mattias walking is the key to become more relaxed and focused. Svea is on the same page and adds she also finds being close to any kind of water calms her down a lot. Just sitting at a lake or the ocean and watching the water move has a very positive effect on her stress levels.

3. What are the most used apps on your phone?

Safari, Instagram, and the weekly newspaper "The Economist" are the apps Mattias uses most throughout his day. He talks about how reading an English newspaper really helps him to improve his English on the go. "The Economist" has an option where the article can be read out loud for you, which is a big plus when learning new words and trying to improve the language. For Svea, her most-used apps are Instagram, YouTube, and the camera app.

4. What was your first job?

Growing up on a farm, there was always a hand needed somewhere. Mattias explains that he especially helped out a lot on his family's farm in the summertime, driving the tractor e.g.. His first job outside the farm was a summer job where he painted a house together with a friend when he was about 15 years old.

Svea's first job was also within the family business within her stepfather's advertising company e.g. printed logos on lighters and pens. When she was around 12 years old she helped to disassemble and reassemble the pens before and after printing. When she was a bit older she worked as a waitress.

Remember to take some personal time during your journey.

Where did your journey start?

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