The location of your business is important

Mattias moved from a small town 30km outside of Stockholm to the city center in his 20's. At the time it was a natural step to do since he already built some (business) relationships with people in the area. However, when he was about to start iGoMoon, he was actually considering branching out his business to the United States. He explored the options he had to open up a business in the U.S. as a Swedish citizen but in the end, decided against it. However, his approach is to never say never and stay open to possible opportunities in the future that would require him to change location.

Office location impacts customers and employees

Being asked about how he believes the location of iGoMoon's office has influenced his business, he compares the office to a physical store. Having your store located on a busy street is usually good for your business since a lot of people walk past and may end up in your shop. An office obviously differs from a shop, but still, the location matters. It has a big impact on how people (also customers and candidates for job openings) perceive the company's identity.

Mattias has also gotten feedback from his employees that they especially like the convenience of the office's location in Stockholm Östermalm. The location makes it possible to run some errands in the break, take advantage of the culinary variety when getting lunch in the area, or simply enjoy the vibe and energy of being downtown. For him, it was a very conscious decision to locate his office in the city center for a variety of reasons.

Importance of location will change in the future

With the lasting effects of the pandemic in mind, Mattias can however imagine that it might be easier to open up an office outside of big cities in the near future. Especially when working remotely or having employees coming into the office once in a while, it might not be necessary to invest a lot of money into an office at a central location.

Your office location will impact the perception for both the customers and employees.

Where is your office located?

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