The mindset of an entrepreneur

In today's episode, Mattias talks about why being optimistic is crucial if you plan to survive as an entrepreneur and that building a fruitful business will take a lot longer than you might think.

Adjusting to the mindset of an entrepreneur

First off, Mattias describes himself as a "chameleon" when he is asked to classify himself into an optimist, pessimist, or realist. Deep in his core, he is an optimist for sure. Mattias explains he wouldn't survive as an entrepreneur or all the things he needs to face on a daily basis if he wasn't an optimistic person.

In this regard, he shares that he might even be a little bit too optimistic at times. One of those situations would be planning a budget or writing his first-ever business plan 10 years ago. According to the ladder, iGoMoon would have already passed the 10 million SEK revenue mark and would employ over 100 people.

Impossible to always be optimistic

On the other hand, he, of course, faces pessimism in some situations. Sometimes he could have a rather pessimistic attitude towards himself but at the same time still maintain an optimistic mindset when setting goals around his company. That's what he means by saying he is a "chameleon."

Finding the good things to turn your mindset

Mattias also talks about how different episodes can influence your mindset throughout your life. Even though he naturally tends to look on the bright side of things, there are times when he doesn't. Usually, when he has a bad day, he approaches everything he does in a rather realistic way. These days it's especially important to him to find something to be grateful for. Just the smallest thing can sometimes have the power to turn everything around and help him to continue his day with a more positive attitude.

After all, growing a business is hard, and it will at least take three times longer than you might expect at first. But: there are so many things you learn and achieve over the years you can look at and be grateful for.

You need to stay optimistic if you want to survive as an entrepreneur. Remember all the things you can be grateful for whenever you are struggling.

How do you stay optimistic in business?

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