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In the first part of this Friday episode of "MattGron's Scaling Up Journey" Mattias sums up his week and shares with us what is currently going on at iGoMoon.

Profit-sharing bonus plan

At the beginning of the week, he worked on a new profit-sharing bonus plan together with Ulf Månsson (the chairman of the board). Together they did a variety of calculations and developed the policy document for the program. He also attended a board meeting, looking at the results of 2020. Obviously, the growth of the company was not as steep as he hoped for the year prior, but taking the pandemic into account, the results were still very satisfying for Mattias.

Interviewing UI/UX designers

The middle of the week was dedicated to onboard the new HubSpot developer Annie and interviewing possible candidates for the position as a UI/UX designer at iGoMoon. Mattias ended the week with a growth call where he implemented the new role descriptions.

Most proud of

Mattias introduces his answer with a scenario that he came across multiple times. Whenever he would have conversations with friends about dreams, he would hear sentences like: "If I only did this/that", "If I only started that business two years ago" etc. He says he can proudly say, that he does not have a question like this inside of him. He wakes up every morning being 100% sure that he is living his purpose, even though it is not always easy or fun building a company. Living your purpose is not always meant to be fun. That's a huge misconception.

Don't hold yourself back by "ifs", "buts" and "whens" - start turning your dreams into reality.

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