Understanding your competitors

How much should you focus on what your competition is doing and how much should you focus on your own journey? This is the topic that Mattias and Svea are discussing in today's episode.

Knowing your competition

The first thing that comes to Mattias' mind is that it actually is extremely important to know who your competition is. Most of the time potential customers reach out to multiple agencies. But this doesn't necessarily mean that the other agencies are direct competition. Many times iGoMoon is the only HubSpot agency amongst the other agencies the customers might contact and here it is important to make sure that they know exactly what the differences are between a HubSpot agency and another agency. He adds that if you count all agencies in Sweden as competition then there are probably hundreds or thousands of competitors. However, when only focusing on HubSpot agencies plus niching down customers in the field of SaaS and tech, all of a sudden there is only a handful left. That is also a reason why carving out your niche is so important.

Focusing on your business

When being asked how much Mattias looks left and right and what other agencies in his field are doing, he answers with almost not at all. He rather spends his time focusing 100% on his own business and scaling it up over time. However, he does add that maybe he should look at the competition a little bit more since it can for sure be helpful to be informed and get inspired. It can also be motivating to look at other HubSpot agencies that are a bit further on their scale-up journey and see how they present themselves and package their services.

It is important to know who your competitors are, they can also inspire you.

Who are your competitors? 

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