Unlocking the potential of LinkedIn

Mattias together with his colleagues Henrik and Dennis is currently working on sales execution on LinkedIn. He explains, that he sees a big untapped potential when it comes to the American business platform that counts more than 700 million users in over 200 countries. He believes that LinkedIn seems to be the perfect platform for iGoMoon to find the right clients in the SaaS industries on the EMEA market.

Linkedin Navigator

To use LinkedIn to its full potential iGoMoon started implementing different strategies.
Firstly the team started using the paid tool "Linkedin Navigator". With the help of this application, they are able to e.g. build target prospect lists based on industries or roles, which is a very important factor iGoMoon. Like this, they are always informed when companies recruit a new CMO, or a CMO changes positions. These two things are usually signals for change and potential investments around a company's tech stack for marketing and sales.

Sales team doing social selling

On the other hand, Dennis and Henrik have also started to write social selling posts on Linkedin, in which they share the challenges they are facing in discussions with customers. In addition, inbound marketing consultant Tayla is publishing 5 relevant Linkedin posts per week on iGoMoons LinkedIn page.

Are you using LinkedIn Navigator to make your sales more effectient?

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