Upgrading the office & growing the team

​​It's Friday and Mattias is sharing all the things that were important to him this week. Including a growing team and a new office for iGoMoon!

Weekly summary

As always, the week has been very busy for Mattias. He had many back to back meetings and spent a lot of time getting to know potential new hires. He even hired a new marketing consultant some days ago, who will be joining the moon shot journey in November. Two other big happenings of this week were definitely HubSpot's Inbound event and singing the contract for the new (much bigger!) office. Mattias wallows in memories when he remembers how they have moved to their current office about three years prior. He feels a bit sad leaving this office, because it has really grown on him and he feels very comfortable there. The fact that the new office is twice the size might help him to give the new office a chance, though. The bigger size does not only allow for him to have his own room for the first time, but will also provide enough space to grow the team to 25-30 people in the future.


Talking about what he could have done differently, Mattias explains that there has been a moment this week that reminded him of leader ship lesson. Scaling up a company can cause a lot of pressure and stress which could cause Mattias to show a side of himself he is not particularly proud of. When he is experiencing too much stress, he easily builds up "stress walls" that make him act with a closed heart. That could show in the things he says and how he says them, his body language and also simply his entire energy. Mattias absolutely believes that people feel when you're stressed and that this stress can make them very uncomfortable as well. Therefor it is really important to keep your own emotions in check as a leader. If you don't you might create situation where the ring type of conversation cannot flourish. Applied to this week, he got reminded that he needs to set healthy boundaries, that don't exclude everyone on the other side.

When it comes to what Mattias learned this week, he talks about one of the sessions of the Inbound event he attended. In this session HubSpot announced a new payment feature they are going to role out in the near future. This will enable you to e.g. set up monthly membership subscriptions for your target group within your HubSpot website.

On the fun side of things, he points out that Åsa, Andrez and Saskia qualified iGoMoon for one of the more advanced HubSpot certifications. HubSpot is handpicking specific agencies to teach them techniques they have been successfully using for years.
Being chosen for such a training definitely moves iGoMoon closer to their big bet: becoming HubSpot's #1 partner in the EMEA market.

Set healthy boundaries that don't exclude everyone on the other side.

How are you doing on your scaling journey?

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