Using video in different ways to grow your business

In today's episode, Mattias explains why video is a crucial asset if you want to grow your business. This is also something Mattias has used for several years already.

Why is video important?

When Svea asks Mattias to explain why he believes that video is so important, he answers with another question: "Why do you turn on your camera during a video call?". The most important words Mattias hears Svea mention while she shares her thoughts are:

- Emotions
- Feelings

These are exactly the things you need to win someone's heart, and video is a great medium to transport these things.

Many ways to use video

Mattias' company utilizes video in a variety of ways. They use it for:

- Marketing
- Sales
- Internal communication
- Training purposes (iGoMoon academy)

About two years ago, iGoMoon started implementing videos into the sales process. The salesperson at iGoMoon records a personal video addressing the prospect and sends it to them before a cold outreach. Mattias noticed that this method makes it 4x more likely to close a deal with the prospects after they started sending personal videos.

Positive effect of videos in sales

iGoMoon often gets feedback that people are positively surprised that the person who talked to them in the video is actually the person they will be in touch with later on. Everything becomes so much more personal like this and those videos can really help to build some emotional acuity.

The tool iGoMoon is using to create these videos is called Vidyard. The application allows users to record themselves (and their screen) and helps them produce professional-looking videos without knowing anything about editing. The team uses this video tool for many other scenarios as well, some of them being instruction videos for customers and deliveries.

The iGoMoon vlog

Mattias has also been using video in marketing for many years. In this context, his vlog "Månresan" needs to be mentioned. He started the video series in 2016 to document his entrepreneurial journey. Over the years, the vlog turned into an employee branding format.

Mattias explains that one of the first questions most people have when considering starting a new job is: "who are my colleagues?". "Månresan" is the answer to that question. It's a great way of transparently communicating the company's culture and leadership.

Finally, Mattias explains that it is not too late to start using video in your business. He often hears that people believe that they missed their chance; however, he disagrees. Most decisions are based on feelings and emotions, and video was, is, and continues to be the best medium to convey these things.

It's not too late to start using video to grow your company!

Do you use video in your business? If yes, for which purposes?

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