What is authentic leadership?

Today's episode revolves around the topic of authentic leadership. After hearing Mattias talking about his upbringing and sharing very personal details with his team at last week's kickoff conference, Svea wants to talk about his authentic leadership style.

Leading with your heart

Mattias explains that for him it is very important to be authentic and lead with his heart and not his mind. Today he feels like he has found himself and knows what he stands for. However, this has not always been the case. 10-15 years ago he had low self-esteem and was listening too much to what everyone else was doing or saying, instead of focusing on his personal journey and writing his own story.

Don’t hide who you are

He admits trying to build a facade and hiding who he really was because he thought he was not good enough the way he was. Over time he realized that authentic leaders lead with their hearts and in order to do that it is crucial to believe in your own heart. Mattias also adds that an authentic leader connects with their purpose and that you can really see that they are on a mission and a journey.

Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to lead with your heart.

How do you see an authentic leader?

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