What shaped Mattias as an entrepreneur

Mondays are for personal questions to iGoMoon's founder and CEO Mattias, and today the questions are focused on his favorite moments with the team, how he deals with industry changes and other interesting things.

1. Is there anything unconventional you'd like to add to the office?

Something that actually had been a part of the office before but needed to be excluded due to space issues, was a ping pong table. Mattias believes that that table is probably pretty high on everyone's list.

2. Do you have a favorite moment together with your team?

Some years ago Mattias set the goal to become a gazelle company and he was planning on taking the whole team on a trip to Africa once they reached that goal. He kept his promise and traveled all the way to South Africa together with his team. He has a lot of good memories of this trip, including some highlights like:

1. Visiting "Project Playground"
2. Climbing up the "Lion's Head" with the iGoMoon crew

Another great memory he has dates all the way back to the first or second year of iGoMoon, when the company was about 100 000 € in depth. It was a scary and challenging time for everyone involved but together as a team, they managed to turn everything around and writing black numbers again. That moment really shaped Mattias as an entrepreneur and colored the company culture a lot.

3. Are there some misconceptions others have about you?

Maybe not a misconception, but something that often times surprises people, is that Mattias actually learned a practical job. He attended a program for car mechanics. It wasn't until later in life that he explored the world of sales and entrepreneurship. Most people assume that Mattias went to a university to become an entrepreneur.

4. How well do you deal with changes within your industry?

Looking at the 360 leadership survey Mattias and Svea talked about in an earlier episode, it is clear to see that both his team and himself rated his ability to adapt to changes as very high. He explains that when he decides to pursue something he always does what it takes to get there.

With the right team you can overcome difficult challenges.

What is your favorite memory with your team?

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