What sparked iGoMoons purpose statement

iGoMoon's purpose statement says: "We reach for the moon with an open heart to do good and use business to inspire others to grow better". Mattias decided to record a separate "culture video" about the meaning of this statement. In this episode, he breaks down the purpose statement for us and explains what exactly it means.

We reach for the moon

First, Mattias explains the difference between a dream and a vision: A vision is a dream with a clear plan. He talks about how in the very beginning, a lot of people had opinions and input regarding Mattias dream. He stayed resilient regardless and dared to dream bigger, which later on should become an important part of iGoMoon's vision. For Mattias, a perfect fit for iGoMoon are the people who believe in the same vision and reach for something in their lives themselves. This could be a career change, or the desire to join a company where they could contribute to building something that is bigger than themselves. He explains how he has heard many times that people were not happy at their workplaces because their organizations did not have clear visions and they did not feel engaged.

With an open heart

For Mattias having an open heart means having self-awareness. Everything has changed in his life when he realized that he himself was the root of all his problems. He went on a journey from negativity to positivity and still reminds himself of that every day. At iGoMoon, he build into the culture a habbit of asking responsible why questions instead of pointing fingers and blaming others. For him, it is important that everyone at iGoMoon stays on the positive side of things and in that way is a part of the solution instead of the problem.

To do good

Mattias has a spiritual approach to life and strongly believes in the concept of "what goes around comes around". Being a nice colleague and helping others can really affect someone's life in a positive way. On his entrepreneurial journey, South Africa became a part of his spiritual DNA and the company now has a clear vision to branch out in Cape Town.

Inspire others to grow better

If everyone in the team lives the purpose statement the company will strive and succeed and ultimately also inspire other people, team members, partners, and customers to grow better.

What's your thoughts? 😃

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