Why many traditional web agencies are dying out

In this episode Mattias and Svea talk about how the CRM and the CMS are becoming one and many traditional website agencies dying out because of this.

The weekly summary

This week was a busy week for Mattias. There are many things going on at iGoMoon and he is very involved in the plans for the new office. He shares about the coincidence of finding a bigger office just shortly after mentioning that he thought it might be time to move to a bigger one. The problem however was, that they had just extended their contract for the current office when they found the new office. Luckily, the new office will be in the same building as the old one, which made it possible to work things out with the contract. Also the company that is moving out of the bigger office is actually moving into iGoMoon's old office. The companies are literally swapping offices which made everything even easier.

In conclusion Mattias said that there was no time to lose and when there's an opportunity like this, you simply need to take action. Like this, you'll create a vacuum for even more good things to happen along the way. In addition to all the office related aspects, he also had a lot of meetings with potential new hires and moved further with some applicants for the inbound marketing position.

The self-inventory

Regarding the things he could have done better, Mattias mentions that he had a lot on his plate recently and tried hard to keep up the pace. However, along the way he has left some people waiting for responses in several email threads and alike. Regarding that, he explains that he realized that it is sometimes better to simply make a decision than letting people wait. Oftentimes further actions rely on you making a decision and you might block all upcoming steps when taking too much time to think about certain things. After all, you can usually correct a decision later on.

When it comes to what he has learned this week, Mattias mentioned that he watched some of the on demand sessions of this year's Inbound event by HubSpot that were very interesting. He has actually assigned everyone at iGoMoon to watch at least three different sessions and prepare short Vidyard videos presenting those to the others. This process is a great way of efficiently sharing knowledge in the team but also to address the importance of actually paying attention internally about what happens at the Inbound event and to practice producing Vidyard videos.

The Inbound videos Mattias watched were about:

- Where HubSpot is going with their platform

Take away: The CMS and the CRM are becoming the same thing today when you need to start focusing more and more on the customer experiences and the contextual message you try to create for your customers. Mattias 100% agrees with this and believes that the reason why so many traditional website agencies are dying out there is because they don't understand this shift.

- Finding your inner voice

Take away: To create an open environment where people can grow, we need to nurture other people's opinions by listening to them. There are always people who are louder and can express their feelings very well. But there are also people who are quiet and really need you as a leader to tune in and fid out what drives them.

- Why working remotely is more toxic than in person

Take away: Especially when adding the layer of having a worldwide pandemic on top of a growing company, it can get harder and harder to find out what people really think. When people work from home you cannot really tell how they are doing - if they are tuned in, or pissed off or stressed etc.
In the Inbound session the people also talked about how during the pandemic, people became "working from home machines" because they simply became stressed now knowing if they would keep their jobs. It's no surprise that from a cultural perspective, the fun part died pretty quickly. That is why Mattias is so happy that people can be back at the office again and do fun things together as a team.

The fun part

This week Mattias gives Kudos to Åsa, who is really growing into her team leader role recently. Also Anton earned some Kudos for giving a great presentation about the budget for 2022. Erik as well did a great job when he created an amazing onboarding session for the new project management tool.

Rather change a decision later than letting people wait for it.

Has your agency made the needed shift?

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