Why we became HubSpot partners

In this Monday episode, Mattias talks about why iGoMoon decided to become a HubSpot partner five years ago, what the benefits are and where they faced challenges.

How it started

Back in 2015 multiple of iGoMoon's customers asked to get their existing websites migrated to HubSpot shortly after one another. Mattias and his team became curious about what this was about and started to try out the HubSpot platform themselves. They really liked it and decided to migrate their own website to HubSpot as well. At one point an account manager from HubSpot contacted iGoMoon and told them about the benefits of joining their partner program.

The reasons we joined

iGoMoon decided to jump on board and got help from HubSpot experts helping them working on growth strategies for iGoMoon and their customers which Mattias describes as a win-win partnership. Some other points that made joining the partner program a success we're also:

  • The HubSpot Academy, where the team could start develop their skills around the platform.
  • It helped iGoMoon package better services and getting a more predictable revenue model.
  • HubSpot helped iGoMoon finding their niche and knowing which clients and industry to focus on.

Of course, the grass is not always greener on the other side, and iGoMoon had to overcome some challenges as well:

  • The process of becoming a full-service HubSpot partner was more complex than they expected in the beginning.
  • There is a likelihood that founders, partners, and seniors become a bottleneck when starting out as a HubSpot partner because it takes time to develop service packages, payment models, and processes.
  • The conflict between an Agency partner and HubSpot's internal sales team.

Customer centeric model

Mattias also talks about how their approach to staffing changes over time. At first, they were setting up the teams based on roles: like development, design, content, etc. Over the last years, this approach transformed to a more customer-centric model. Today they have teams consisting of different roles as strategists, designers, developers, IMC, SEO, and sales enablement. Mattias explains that this customer-centric approach has worked out a lot better because you are creating a hive of people with a clear goal to make the customer happy. Before everyone was more focused on their deliveries and couldn't really relate to the bigger picture. Which in this case is living iGoMoons brand promise.

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