A coffee with Gary Vaynerchuk

In this episode, Svea wants to know with whom Mattias would love to grab a coffee one day, what has taken him the longest to get good at, and what he wished someone would have taught him a long time ago.

Meeting a successful entrepreneur

A person Mattias would love to have a coffee with is Gary Vaynerchuk. Mattias talks about how he has actually met Gary multiple times before and always enjoyed their encounters. The first time Mattias met Gary was about 10 years ago at a conference in Stockholm. At that time not too many people knew who Gary was, so Mattias took the chance to approach him before he went up on stage. He talked with him for some minutes and was even able to record a short interview with the entrepreneur afterwards (link to the interview at end of the description).
If Mattias had the chance to meet up with GaryVee again, he would probably talk about business and entrepreneurial topics with him. However, he would also be interested in having a conversation about more personal topics.

Turning weakness to strength

Svea's next question for Mattias is about what has taken him a long time to get good or decent at. Mattias answers with "my English". As he shared in a previous episode, about 10-12 years ago his English was very passive. He could understand most of it but had a hard time really expressing what he wanted to say. A couple of years before he founded iGoMoon he realized that if he wanted to run a successful digital business he needed to improve his English. That's when he hired a personal English teacher and started to implement habits around his English learning.

Self-appreciation as an entrepreneur

Something that Mattias wished someone would have taught him a long time ago is, how to be kind to himself. Around the age of 25, Mattias realized for the first time that he was in an environment where his self-esteem wouldn't be nurtured. Svea adds to this topic, that she felt a similar way and also struggled to value herself enough and set boundaries for herself. It is important to treat everyone with respect and that must include yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Who would you grab a coffee with? Let Mattias know if you would like to grab a virtual coffee with him.

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