All employee stories should be a part of the vision

Besides discussing the brand-new upgraded production quality of the vlog, Svea and Mattias talk about an issue Mattias wants to resolve.

Including employees in the vision

He has realized that iGoMoon's vision is very much based on the founder's story. And while this was of course a good thing in the beginning, today he wants to involve the whole team in the company's vision. His plan is to acknowledge and incorporate everyone's unique story into what iGoMoon makes iGoMoon.

iGoMoon story wheel

Mattias has a plan to solve his vision challenge, he is working on the iGoMoon story wheel which is focused on emotions to connect with the purpose of iGoMoon. These emotions are the ones created for the customers, the team and potential new talent who are interacting and hearing the iGoMoon story for the very first time.

There is also an upcoming conference for the team where Mattias has planned some different activities and presentations including:

- Team building activities
- Going deeper into the culture topic
- Presentation from Project playground
- Financial goals for Q3 and Q4
- Employee survey tool

All employee stories should be included in the vision.

How do you approach your company's vision?

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