Approaching trust as a leader

In today's episode, Mattias talks about trust, why it is so important, how to earn it and how you should approach it as a leader.

Trust as a leader

Trust is the gateway to building anything when communicating with others. You either trust someone, or you don't - there is not really an in-between.

That's why Mattias always starts off by granting people trust, even if they are just starting at the company. He emphasizes that if you want someone to earn your trust first, that implies that you're not trusting them, and that's the wrong approach from his leadership perspective.

Allowing people to trust you

The other way around, he shows his team and the individuals within that they can trust him by being vulnerable, showing people that he cares, and being transparent.

In addition, for others to trust you and your vision, you need to trust yourself first. And if you're not 100% there yet - fake it until you make it. As a leader, there are many situations you don't feel ready for, but you have to throw yourself into the cold water regardless.

To earn your team's trust, lead in a transparent way, show that you care, and that you are vulnerable.

How do you approach trust as a leader?

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