Attracting & hiring the right people

As in all of the Wednesday episodes, Mattias shares what he is currently doing working ON his business (instead of IN his business). This Wednesday's topic is about attracting and hiring the right people.

Willpower & a desire to grow

When being asked what traits and qualities are particularly important when he is looking to hire new people, Mattias explains that willpower, the desire to excel, and act with courage are amongst the most important ones. He wants to find people who are eager to learn, innovate and try new things they have not done before. He made the experience that people who feel safe enough to be themselves, have the tendency to try more and to improvise, which is the essence to survive in a scale-up environment.

50% started as interns

In the past, he has used different tools to find the right candidates. About 50% of the employees currently working at iGoMoon actually started as interns, which enabled both sides to find out if it is the right fit and to get a better understanding of one another.
Mattias also worked with different external recruitment companies with mixed success, which lead him to create his own recruitment database to attract, nurture and hire new talents. IGoMoon just recently launched "careers page", integrated Teamtailor with HubSpot, by using HubSpot CMS serverless functionality.

We don't build a business model - we build a people model.


The hiring process

After a suitable candidate has been found, there are multiple steps following up in the hiring process.

  1. The first interview is typically held online by Mattias and is about understanding the “culture-fit”. They named it the culture-interview. Here they focus on the values, culture code, and the purpose statement will be discussed in that way everyone understands more about where iGoMoon is headed.
  2. The second interview is focused on the specific role more in detail. Here they talk about the customer, how they serve them, HubSpot technology, where does the candidate fits in this picture, iGoMoon processes, and what a typical day looks like on the moon.
  3. The third step in the process is an assignment, what they do here depends on the role. The important thing is to work on something together in that way we learn about how the candidate function in action. A successful assignment will be followed by meeting the rest of the team and signing the contract 🙂

What do you think about this hiring process? Who are you running things at your company? Please let us know!

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