Avoid becoming the bottleneck of your business

This Wednesday Svea is curious to hear about Mattias' take on delegating tasks and responsibilities.
Mattias starts off by saying that as a CEO and founder it is very easy to become the bottleneck of your own organization. You cannot solve this problem by simply working harder or more.

Delegation increases perspective

When you reach that point of being the bottleneck it is time to delegate some things to someone else. Especially in the beginning, this step was necessary but equally hard for Mattias. He needed to learn to give up some of his control and realize that some things might not exactly be done the way he would have - which sometimes even turned out to be a positive thing.

Building a sales team

In hindsight, Mattias explains that he wished he would have invested in scaling the sales team more intensely earlier. Early on he invested in account managers and salespeople, which really helped the company take off. However, after some time he reprioritized and focused more heavily on the production team instead. For some time now he has been working on growing his sales team again, welcoming Henrik and Dennis aboard.

Some tasks shouldn’t be delegated

Some things Mattias would never leave to someone else are e.g. supervising the cash flow and sales metrics. He also stresses how important it is for the CEO and founder to build the vision and communicate it. You really need to own your company culture and work on your purpose and values.

Teachable processes

Another important thing Mattias has learned in terms of successful delegation is that you cannot simply delegate a task. You have to build clear processes and teach how to apply those. This is also where Mattias sees a big difference between employees and entrepreneurs: entrepreneurs build and develop the process whereas employees are usually not overly interested or able to do this.

Make sure to build a teachable process to successfully delegate tasks.

Which tasks do you delegate within your team?

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