Avoiding misinterpretations in the company

In this episode Mattias talks about how to avoid misinformation from spreading within the company and shares his weekly inventory.

What could I have done differently?

Something that Mattias could have done differently this week involves communication. Not too long ago, Mattias and his team decided to get rid of a certain position at iGoMoon. However, shortly after, they reversed that decision and got rid of another role instead. Even though Mattias communicated these things verbally during several meetings, he missed sending a written summary of these decisions to everyone afterward.

What often happens in these situations is that people are not entirely sure about certain things and start talking to each other. The problem here is that information is always interpreted differently depending on the person. Like this, misinformation is spread easily - what could be easily avoided by sending out a written summary to everyone.

What did I learn?

The most important learning of this week happened during Mattias' and Mathilda's work on the career roadmap. They managed to determine three essential categories that will create a solid foundation for iGoMoon's career roadmap. These categories are:

- Skills & experience
- Expectations & deliveries
- Culture code

The victories

A big victory this week was when Mathilda recruited her first position ever! A new HubSpot developer will join the moonshot journey in August. This first recruitment is especially great since Mattias hired Mathilda to scale up the company and delegate a big chunk of the HR work to her. Usually, Mattias is involved in most of the recruitment process of potential hires, while this time, he only needed to take over the final meeting.

Never forget to send a written summary to your team after verbally communicating important information.

Do you have a clear way of communicating change, to avoid misinterpretations?

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