Enabling personal growth with a career roadmap

In today's episode, Mattias talks about his and Mathilda's work around iGoMoon's career ladder to make the personal growth process more clear.

Growing in the company

Mattias and HR person Mathilda have been working on creating iGoMoon's career roadmap for several weeks now. The roadmap aims to make it clear to everyone how they can develop in their roles and show potential talents the possibilities to grow at iGoMoon. The ladder is an essential tool for Mathilda whenever she is interviewing possible hires.

Categories in the career map

The two are working to break everything down for all the different roles at iGoMoon right now. The plan is to categorize the roadmap around:

1. Skills & work experience
2. Deliveries & expectations
3. Culture code

Mattias emphasizes that the most important thing is creating a clear understanding of these three categories.

A modern career map

He has the impression that people are no longer looking for the traditional ladder to climb up, especially in the tech industry. Most people are actually very interested to learn things, and this is why Mattias wants to create the roadmap with a focus on personal growth.

Most people are not interested in a hierarchy or climbing up a ladder. Offer your people possibilities for personal growth.

Have you established a clear plan to help your employees grow?

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