Being an introverted entrepreneur

Monday at "MattGron's Scaling Up Journey" means a new round of questions for Mattias. This week's questions are about introverts and extroverts, 1 million $, pet peeves, and passions.

Mattias did not have to think and answered "I am an introvert" right away. He explains that for him the difference between an extrovert and an introvert lays within what gives the individual his or her energy. An extrovert e.g. gets energy when being around other people, while this rather takes the energy of an introvert, who recharges while being silent and being with him or herself. Mattias also mentions a book recommendation about the topic ("Quiet" by Susan Caine) where the author talks about how being an extrovert is a very celebrated trait in today's society and already kids are being told that they need to be extroverts in order to be successful.

If you win 1 million $?

Mattias' first thought when hearing this question was that he did not like the concept of just receiving money without doing anything for it and that he prefers to work for it himself. He further explains that he could imagine that getting money so easily might take the focus away from building his own business. Mattias clarify; It's important that no one can say - "I didn´t do it".

What is your pet peeve at workplace?

Something that especially annoys Mattias in the office is the coffee stains on white tables. He is usually the one coming with a paper and trying to clean it.

What are you passionate about in life?

It almost sounds like two of his passions share the first place: of course his business but also Djurgarden IF. Mattias adds that hobbies, in general, are very important to him and one of those is gaming. He enjoys playing Modern Warfare and strategy games. He also picked up golf last year and loves to surf. If he lived in a warmer country he would most likely surf every day.

And as Mattias said after this episode:

This episode really confirms how introverted I am



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