Creating a career ladder & competence development strategy

In today's episode, Mattias talks about the biggest rocks for the upcoming quarter and explains why iGoMoon is getting rid of a certain position.

Weekly victories

Mattias starts talking about the week by celebrating a big victory. New account manager Johan joined iGoMoon this week! His timing to become a part of the team couldn't have been better, as Dennis recently moved to Mora. Dennis will continue to work for iGoMoon remotely; however, him leaving freed up a workspace at the office that Johan gladly takes over.

It was also time for the quarterly manager meeting this week. During those meetings, the team discusses things like:

- things that bring the company forward
- things that slow the company down
- rocks (priorities) for the upcoming quarter

Q2 rocks

Mattias' rocks for Q2 are:

- the administrational setup of the Capetown office
- the competence development strategy
- creating iGoMoon's career ladder
- iGoMoon's services and their packaging

The competence development strategy is something Mattias is already working on with HR person Mathilda. When she laid out the foundation for Mattias, he could really see how much progress they had made so far. Everything they need is already there - they only need to put it into a framework.

Once the framework is done, it will be used during the recruitment process of new talents, development processes, and onboardings.

Creating a career ladder

Working on iGoMoon's career ladder made Mattias realize how unclear the differences between specific roles are. The inbound marketing consultant role is very similar to the growth strategist role, and both these roles are also very similar to the SEO and content specialist role.
He decided to get rid of the inbound marketing consultant role and talk to everyone within that role about which direction they want to take on. They can either choose to become an SEO and content specialist or a growth strategist in this case.

Improving cash flow

One more thing on Mattias' agenda this week was a board meeting. There's a bottleneck around iGoMoon's cash flow that needs to be solved. Since the company is growing more and more, there are also more costs to be covered every month. The solution will be more new customers and upselling services to the current ones.

If there are too many roles that are too similar, consider removing some of them.

What are your rocks for Q2?

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