Creating a healthy work environment

In today's episode, Mattias is discussing his take on providing the right health care for his employees.

Labor related healthcare

Mattias knows from his own experience that he functions best when he's living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Also, running a company in Sweden, which is one of the countries with the strictest labor laws worldwide, he has been confronted with the topic of proper health care many times. He sees his employees as the most important asset of his company - iGoMoon would be nothing without a healthy team.

To make sure that everyone can stay healthy and fit, iGoMoon offers various health benefits:

1. Occupational pension
2. Health insurance
3. Wellness allowance

Physical & emotional healthcare

Caring about his employee's health doesn't stop there. In addition to these important main topics, there are also several banalities in the office that however increase the well-being of the team. Some of these are:

1. Height adjustable tables
2. Ergonomic balance balls
3. Different working areas
4. Naava green wall

Mattias always tries to listen to his team and is working on making iGoMoon an even better and healthier workspace going forward.
Having in mind the relatively small size of the team and hence the office, and not having a separate health department, iGoMoon is quite well equipped to ensure everyone's well-being.

Healthy employees are the most important asset of your company.

How do you create a healthy workplace?

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