Entrepreneurial networking

Today's episode is all about networking as an entrepreneur and which approach Mattias has when it comes to networking.

Networking events

Mattias explains that in the very beginning he actually got his first business contacts from networking events in Stockholm. However, being an introvert, he was not the biggest fan of those events and believes that it is more important to put your time and energy into actually working on your business, instead of attending one networking event after the other. His approach is to simply have a good "track record" involving everyone he meets during his life. It is a good thing to have the right contacts, but it is even better to be a good person without expecting something in return.

Digital networking

For Mattias, networking today happens mainly through social media. It could be something he’s read about in Dagens Industri or the Economist which has led him to start following someone to learn more about a topic. He likes to meet new people, which is why he believes he succeeded well working in sales and that also helps him as a CEO. He can also meet people anywhere, like at the gym. He doesn’t have a plan to network, it is more who he is. They both agree being networkers of “you never know” and seeing what happens. Svea adds how she started working with Mattias by seeing some Månresan episodes and reaching out to him asking if needs some help.

Networking doesn’t have to be planned.

How do you prefer to network?

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