Having an international team is fun

In today's episode, Mattias talks about how the move to the bigger office is going and what is so exciting about growing an international team.

Better communication

Mattias is still in the middle of the office move and had a chaotic week because of that. The week actually started with the painters painting the wrong room. Luckily he recognized the mistake early on and that problem could be fixed pretty easily. Mattias added this incident to his self-inventory under the category "what I could have done better". In this case that would have been better communication.

Increasing office culture

Speaking of the walls, he also shares some interior ideas he had for his own office. One them being a "South African inspired" painting on one of the walls in his office. He recently bought a painting from a South African artist who created the artwork "Cloud Painter" which has a deeper meaning to him. Another decorative item is, of course, more Lego! Mattias has a weak spot for Lego in his heart and loves small details around the office like that. He says he is always trying to make iGoMoon the best office to be at and really wants everyone to feel at home.

Reducing friction

Something else Mattias has been working on this week, are the employment contracts. With the team becoming increasingly international, it is becoming more and more important to translate the Swedish contracts into English, so that everyone understands them. He shares that it can sometimes be a bit of a hustle when someone wants to join iGoMoon and they are giving them documents that are only available in Swedish. That is some kind of friction he wants to reduce.

Svea wants to know how International the office has actually become lately and starts counting nationalities with Mattias. For now, iGoMoon has people from:

1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Australia
4. South Africa
5. Iran
6. Pakistan
7. Germany

Mattias explains that he thinks it's really fun to have such a diverse team from all over the world. It makes everything so much more interesting and creates a unique atmosphere within the team.

When it comes to the victories of the week, Mattias clearly says: "The new office!" and adds that right now is an amazing time for iGoMoon and that they are doing a quantum jump to the next big thing. He, as a founder, feels a lot of emotions right now. He can also see how these emotions and the excitement influences everyone involved and causes an amazing team spirit.

Having an international team creates a unique atmosphere.

How many nationalities can you find in your team?

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