How to become a good leader

In this Wednesday episode of "MattGron's Scaling Up Journey" Mattias shares his top 5 qualities that a good leader should have and talks about which of his own traits he wants to focus working on in the future.

Self awareness

Mattias believes that self-awareness is an essential quality to become a great leader. Knowing one's values, personality, strengths, weaknesses, and especially how these traits affect other people is very important.


As a second aspect of good leadership, he mentions honesty, referring to how one's business and employees are a reflection of yourself as a leader. If you show honest and ethical behavior the rest of the team will follow. He believes that if the leader him or herself shows that they are honest and thus vulnerable, colleagues will feel more comfortable to open up and be vulnerable themselves.


The third trait that a great leader should have is commitment. Mattias explains, that there is no greater motivation than seeing the leader in action, being down in the trenches, and working alongside the rest of the team.


Being able to clearly and efficiently describe what he wants people to do is extremely important to Mattias. Without the right communication, the team will not be working towards the same goal.

Confidence & Intuition

Everyone building a company will face setbacks and complications. This is why it is so important to have confidence in yourself and also transmit this to the outside.

Inspire by being you

Mattias also mentions the aspect of inspiring other people in the context of being a good leader. He believes that the most important thing when it comes to being inspiring is to be yourself. One cannot inspire others when copying someone else. Sometimes inspiration can be mixed up with the assumption that one has to be loud and hyper when in the end it is only important to be yourself and make one's team feeling invested in the accomplishments the company is achieving.

Strong side

When being asked which traits of good leadership he is already practicing well, Mattias describes himself as a thinker, who is reflecting a lot on himself and things going on in the company leading to healthy self-awareness.

Room for improvement

On the other hand, he wants to improve his communication skills. He explains that he sometimes ends up in his own bubble, thinking about many different things at the same time and accidentally neglecting proper communication.

In order to become a good leader - you have to accept yourself and go all-in on yourself.


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